A Radical New Idea – “Gera’s Strong Center” in the “Europan 13” International Architectural Competition

Ideas wanted: teams of young architects and planners in Europe can now submit proposals for Gera. A city with a population of 100,000 in the middle of Germany, Gera is looking for new and exceptional ideas for 6.2 empty acres right in its center. The project will also be Gera’s contribution to the “Europan 13” competition.

For this competition, Gera’s City Hall is collaborating with “Yes to Gera e.V,” a private initiative of citizens and local businesses, with the goal of implementing a project for Thuringia’s International Building Exhibition (IBA Thüringen). The IBA has already endorsed the initiative as an IBA candidate, which makes it a contender for an innovative project to be exhibited internationally by the 2023 IBA Finale.

The title of Gera’s plan is “Interconnected City – Strong Center” within the IBA as well as within Europan. According to the proposal, young architects will deliver a development framework and visualized concept for the area. The goal is to find a new way of dealing with spatial development combined with a flexible approach that enables a step-by-step procedure.

One possible first step would be to secure public perception of the area as a site with great urban potential. In subsequent steps, a permanent design would establish the site’s appeal and attraction as a venue for the entire city. We’re looking for solutions that will trigger business-oriented development while maintaining high spatial quality, and we’re asking for a radically new approach. The proposal text and a complete description of the assignment are posted at www.europan.de and www.gera.de/isekgera2030.

This exciting task for architects and planners alike was introduced at the Europan Forum in Munich by Professor Andreas Wolf, member of IBA Thuringia’s advisory board, Ramon Miller, head of the Department for Building and the Environment in Gera, and Volker Tauchert, chairman of “Yes to Gera e.V.”

For more information:

Proposal text at Europan

IBA Thuringia

City of Gera

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This downtown area in a central German city of 100,000 is waiting for new ideas from all over Europe!

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